The Equality and Social Research Group takes an interdiscipliniary approach to understanding issues of equity and justice

The mission of the Equality and Social Justice Research group is to open a research platform for common research activity on different aspects of equality and social justice thinking accumulated in the CEU community. Activities of the group will include presenting and discussing relevant work done in the topic within the CEU community, and brought to us by relevant visitors, and opening up the possibility for common collaborative research work. 

While emerging within the context provided by the creation of the School of Public Policy the Research Group would like to go beyond a narrow understanding of equality as a policy concept and capture topics related to equality understood as a political, legal and social concept, particularly as these aspects gain relevance in the making of policies addressing inequalities and social injustice.

The research group would like to address among others topics such as:

  • the sociology and politics of intersecting inequalities including gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, religion or class,
  • defining and measuring inequalities for policy purposes,
  • understanding challenges of Roma social inclusion and its implications for policy development
  • the role of civil society and other non-state actors locally and globally in promoting equality.