Intersecting Inequalities – Cutting across Disciplines? Launch event of the Equality and Social Justice Research Group

May 25, 2011 - 14:00 - 17:00
Nador u. 11
Popper Room
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Research on inequalities is largely compartmentalized along the lines of different inequalities. Important work on inequality is done on gender, on ethnicity, class, or sexuality to mention only a few. Yet they rarely communicate.   The focus of this workshop is one evident point where these different areas of equality work have ideas that may be mutually beneficial: the topic of intersecting inequalities.

Presenters in the event will discuss intersecting inequalities coming from different disciplinary backgrounds: sociology, law, economics and political science.

The workshop is meant to serve as the launch event of the Equality and Social Justice Research Group of the CEU. The last half hour will be devoted to planning activities of the group.



14.00Welcome by
Andrea Krizsan, Center for Policy Studies
Joanna Kostka, Department of Public Policy
14.10Cross-country variations in gender inequality in poverty
Eva Fodor, Department of Gender Studies
14.30Religion and Sexuality in Law
Renata Uitz, Legal Studies Department
14.50Ethnicity and Class in Economics
Gabor Kezdi, Department of Economics
15.10The Politics on Intersectionality. Emergent Patterns of   Equality Institutionalization in European Countries
Andrea Krizsan, Center for Policy Studies

Chair: Viola Zentai, Center for Policy Studies
Susan Zimmermann, Gender Studies Department
Zoltan Miklosi, Department of Political Science

Launching the Research Group